Thursday, November 25, 2004


Here it is, late on Thanksgiving evening, and now it is time to reflect...As a Christian, I must praise God, and thank Him for all of the gifts He has heaped upon me.  For, without Him, there is nothing! Thank You, God, for the breath of life; this world, for my being an American, for my wonderful parents. Thank You for my sweet and understanding husband and our darling children. Thank You for granting me such mercy, and opening my eyes to so much.

I am so thankful for the generations of people who have made the sacrifices that have brought forth this great nation of ours, especially those whom have made the ultimate sacrifice. None of us can be certain of our future, not even of the next day. America exists because of those who made the choice to step forward, to take the chances, to take on the responsibilities of seeking a new way of life.  From Christopher Columbus, on, those very courageous people have eschewed the comforts of the known for the difficulties of the pathways to hope. It is not without some expectations of their own that they have done this, but they have always carried the futures of others with them.

So, as I sit here at my keyboard, in my warm and safe home...after I have spent the evening with my loved ones, or conversed happily on the phone with them...I must now think my most serious thoughts, and pray my most serious prayers. I pray for the health of those in my family who will recover from their illnesses, and I pray for the comfort of those who will not.  I pray so strongly, too, for the safety of all of the men and women in uniform who are making the sacrifices that I may be here now. Dear God, Thank You for those people... keep them safe and give them courage. Please shower extra love upon their families, who must miss them more at times like now - and please give extra comfort to those who feel the pain of the greatest loss.

I am thankful to be an American.


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