Sunday, November 14, 2004


Another new regular bit here at my place, a roundup of Sunday Funnies. Some of them will be comics, and others will be of the written word, but all of them tickle my funnybone and I'm sharing them with you! Whether or not you find them amusing...Well, that's up to you. Be warned, sometimes I have a very dark sense of humor...

IMAO's Frank J. and his readers have some great ideas for commemorating Arafat's demise!
Go check out the Photoshopped entries at the "I'm not Sorry" site --The answer to the "I'm Sorry" stuff put out by the truly sorry meatbags of America.
This is a true newstory which is so ridiculous that it's funny!

And in honor of our guys in Fallujah-in commemoration of all our Troops have done for us over there in Iraq - Go check out the Sadaam Hussein Photoshopped pics at Albino Blacksheep!


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