Monday, November 22, 2004


Something ate my Sunday Funnies, so here it is again...

The funniest thing last week was the Clinton Library!

So, in honor of all of the yucks we had during that infamous President's tenure, here are a few things to help you relive those days! Enjoy!

Find an absolute rash of Clinton editorial cartoons here ,(well, maybe "rash" is a poor choice of words when talking about Billy...)

Of course, let us not forget his "old lady", (after all, we got a "two-for-one" deal, remember?) First, we need to feel Hillary's pain in those scandal days, and now, see how she has grown!

Where there was Bill, there was Al...

American Pathetic" (a new take on an "old" image)

"Welcome to Chappaqqua", home of Bill Clinton...

The "changing of the guard" after the 2000 election...stay there for a little bit and you will see...

Oh, we just cannot stay away from Hillary!

Her Authoress at a book-signing!

This has to stop somewhere, so here he is at one of the parties for the Library opening. Go, Bill, go!


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