Sunday, November 21, 2004


Despite any rumors to the contrary, Presidential cabinets do change, especially going into second terms.   Actually, President Bush has enjoyed a particular loyalty from his first term's Cabinet, (and that has really fried some beans!)   Of course, the libbies are thrilled to see John Ashcroft leave ,(that ought do delay a few suicides) since they think he is worse than anyone who tried to wipe a whole race of people off the face of the earth!   There are many conservatives who think that the exit of Rodney Paige from the Department of Education should have left a permanent void, but alas, there will be a replacement.   It was Colin Powell's soon-to-be empty seat which had everyone's minds ticking so furiously, though.   Now we know.   One of the many great benefits of GWB's re-election (and they keep pouring in!) is the delicious selection of Dr. Condaleeza Rice as Secretary of State! The libbies are whining and the "furriners" (I am a "red-stater", and do not wish to disappoint) are "dismayed", so right there, we know she is the best choice!

So, on with the Condaleeza Festival!

Start off by getting some biographical information about Dr. Rice from the Hoover Institute at Stanford ,from the White House,and run over to Minority for a couple of magazine articles with a little insight (you be the judge of what they have to say...)William F. Buckley shouts "Whee Time!" and then gets down to business in his Buckleyishly exuberant way
The Independent Women's Forum on some of the racist and sexist depictions of Dr. Rice --Surely they are not talking about the ever-tolerant and diverse Liberals?
Armstrong Williams on Dr. Rice and a post-Arafat Middle East
George Will considers some of the questions Dr. Rice may be asked to answer at her confirmation hearings
Linda Chavez notes the foreign policy message GWB is sending with his new nominations
Cal Thomas notes that President Bush has nominated a kindred spirit in Dr. Rice--(Note to libbies: this does not mean either of them is a puppet or a clone!)
Joel Rosenberg at NRO online suggests we read what the President and Dr. Rice are reading!

Now finish it all off with a speech by President Ronald Reagan in 1991 , to remind yourself what all of the fuss is about.


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