Sunday, October 31, 2004


In these last few minutes of Halloween (Georgia time), look at this over at Mudville--for what would scare any normal human being.

We know that John Kerry is a liar.

Now we have photographic evidence that he is also a fool.


For all of you undecided voters out there, or even those of you who just need some affirmation of your values,

click here

for a handy voting guide!

Thursday, October 28, 2004


Blackfive had this one today: American servicemen amputees recovering at Walter Reed, running a Ten-Miler! Those are the people who go out and lay their lives on the line so that I may sit in my pleasant home with my cats on this foggy day, and read and write to you. These men are gods of a special pantheon. I am not worthy. Read it and weep. Literally.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Now that the sun is up on another day, I have looked more into the cases affected by the Georgia Supreme Court hate crime law ruling. I stand corrected in that there were 2 victims rather than 1 ...Interestingly, there were 3 perpetrators! The third defendant in the beatings did not "say" the bad things, so I guess he was just beating people up for the fun of it. Nice. The place where the attack took place, a neighborhood called "Little Five Points", (not to be confused with downtown Atlanta's "Five Points") is (and has been for decades) the original home of the Atlanta counterculture. It takes a lot to cross the line there , and the "kids" behavior up to the point of attacking their victims, probably did not generate much notice.

Something which did generate "notice", according to one article, was the word "hate" tattooed on the one of the male cretin's arms. This does seem to indicate that his mere existence is a self-hate crime.

The question is not whether this was an outrageous crime, for it was, and the punishments should be severe. Would it have been considered a "hate crime" if they had attacked a tottering old man or woman? Would that not have been horrifying to the victims and every old person who heard of it? Why should there be any "protected" classes ? Why can not we all be afforded the same protection? Does the color of my skin or my sexual orientation make me less of a victim than the next person? When someone is bashing my head against the sidewalk, does it matter what he "really thinks of me" or why he is doing it? When someone is ripping the hair out of my head, is there any less pain if they are not screaming slurs at me?

Society has decided that we need to punish people for the way they think when they are committing a crime? It seems to me that to even consider doing these things to another human being is sick enough. Maybe the message should be that we will not stand for this violence for any reason, and make the punishments harsh and severe to begin with!

I am not going to spend all day on this, so I have just come up with a few rudimentary pieces from an Atlanta publication, and one from a local newsstation website (WXIA)for your perusal. The "Creative Loafing" is an "alternative" news and (mostly) entertainment paper, which has been around since 1972.

"Attackers "Guilty", Deny Hate crime"

"Victory in Little Five Hate Case"

"Hate Crime Defendant's Sentences Disappoint"


Get thee to the Carnival of the Capitalists, readeth all and learneth much!

Monday, October 25, 2004


Someone finally showed some common sense when the Georgia State Supreme Court threw out the 4-year-old "Hate Crimes" law on the grounds its definitions were too broad. Unfortunately, there will be plenty of fools ready and eager to "fix it" and get it up and running again. Georgia was 1 of 48 states with such laws on the books (another proof positive of how much this nation has gone soft in the head.) This ridiculous law (OCGA 17-10-17) set out to determine if "the defendant intentionally selected any victim or property because of bias or prejudice."

Man Hates His Own Children

In today's (October 25, 2004) unanimous decision handed out in Riley v. The State (S04P1039), the Justices held up William David Riley's conviction in the murder and arson deaths of his 3 children in August of 2000. Mr. Riley had stated that "he would kill the children before he would let DFACS take them." Riley has received the death sentence.

Oh wait, I mislead you, that was not the "hate crimes case!" Those particular case(s) (Botts V. The State S04A0798 and Pisciotta v. The State S04A0799) involved a white couple (obviously a very classy man and woman) severely beating a black man, while shouting out racial epithets. The Court made it clear that even though it did not "condone" the crime, the "hate crimes law" as applied "failed to comport with the ascertainable rights guaranteed by our State and Federal Constitutions." Does this mean that thinking and saying bad things, (even really bad things) about someone else does not trample their rights? What, no thought crime? (Sorry, degenerates, you still do not get to threaten the President.)

Is a person of one race any more damaged than that of another when they are crime victims? Is a beat-up drag-queen any more or less valuable a human being than a 65-year-old woman who has been raped? Is one person any more or less dead if someone called them horrible names during the murder act? That is not possible, folks. People do not commit crimes against others out of love for them, but rather a total disregard for the victim's well-being. It does not change anything to rate the perpetrator's feelings. Hmm, maybe JFK can devise some sort of "more thoughtful" rating system for this purpose, as well!

Think about the Riley children, and consider their plight against any other well-publicized murder case which has been used to promote the "need" for "hate crimes legislation." If you had to make the choice between saving the lives of your own three children and that of a stranger, what would you do? So, if one person murders their own children , and another murders a stranger, which killing would have been the "hateful" choice?

Saturday, October 23, 2004


No, not me, but from one of our wonderful men in uniform in Iraq: Greyhawk of The Mudville Gazette. If he's preaching to the choir, then sit back and enjoy the sermon. If all you usually see and hear from over there is from TV, the Newspapers, or what some Democrats tell you, then open your "open mind" a little wider and read this.


Congratulations to my Father and Mother, for today was the 50th Anniversary of their marriage! Since I have more or less been around for 46 of those, I can attest to the kinds of victories and challenges they have faced together (particularly since I have been one of them!) Their grace and perseverance throughout even the most difficult times, along with their modesty, determination and sacrifice, have served as a great model and inspiration for me in my own marriage. They both have always worked so hard to provide for my sibling and me, while teaching us solid values and to have a love for God, Family and Country.

I will always be their child, with my earliest memories of their marriage being those of a child. I was not there when the handsome ex-Marine came to the door the first time to meet the beautiful southern woman (after collusion between her sister and his mother.) I have only heard the giggles of her Brownies spilling rice at the wedding on a tape, and I was not yet a twinkle in the eye for most of their time at Married Veteran's Housing at the University. But since then they have been through all of the kid stuff, the job stuff, the moves, and the teenage stuff (sorry, y'all). Sadly, they have lost their own parents, but have gained sons-in-law and a new generation, and are beside us dealing with our own challenges. 50 years together holds many memories, and only they know what are the secrets of those times which make them smile.

I never doubted their love for us , and especially not for each other.

Thank you, my Daddy and my Mama, for being who you are, and for loving each other so much, for so long.

Happy Anniversary.

Friday, October 22, 2004


I was cruising around and saw an old posting at Doc Russia's place with sayings about the USMC. My Daddy was a Marine, and so was his Dad...I just love those guys! ENJOY!


Watch "Stolen Honor" online for free! This is the movie that Sinclair Broadcasting was going to show in its entirity that the Kerry Campaign has tried to stop (with some success!) Don't let them stop YOU from spreading the TRUTH! CLICK HERE

(thanks for the "heads up", Rottweiler)

I AM A LITTLE HOUSEWIFE (a poem dedicated to Mrs. Heinz-Kerry)

I am a little housewife.
I cook and clean and care
For the little children
That my husband and I share.

Nothing that I do
Must be of any worth,
For I do not get paid
For my work here on this earth.

Most of my clothes do not
Look like my Sunday best,
But I have a lot of burp cloths
For the baby at my breast.

The Playdough on the table
And the Barbie in my hand,
And Matchbox cars and Tinkertoys,
Dominate my Legoland.

On Wednesdays, I clip coupons
And shop the grocery sales,
Maintaining my composure
While our teething baby wails.

Now that the kids are older
And have toddled off to school,
I think that I will have some free time.
Ah, the musings of a fool.

I have PTA and Scouting,
And I am a Room-Mom too.
I help other children with their work,
And I am head of the party crew.

Oh, they have the homework!
But together we will get through
At the table while I cook dinner.
They have so much of it to do!

We have soccer every Saturday
And Church every Sunday morn.
Soon ,there will be dates on Fridays.
Time has flown since they were born!

My clothes are now a little nicer,
(Less stains and more in style.)
And I can spend a little time to myself,
Every once in a while.

My husband and I are looking
At each other differently.
Soon, the children will be gone.
What will our new life be?

I know I have many choices,
But I have already done so much.
I am a proven multitasker,
Experienced in homemaking and such.

If a childhood is a laboratory
Where we prepare for the outside world,
Then I have been the Director
As my babies' lives have been unfurled.

I was also the household Auditor,
Teacher, Nanny and Head Cook,
And could halt a bad situation
With just one spectacularly stern look.

I never got a paycheck
Or a raise for all my work.
I was happy to accept
Sloppy kisses as a perk.

So where now do I stand
In your estimation of my life?
Am I equal to my sisters?
Or have I just been a lowly housewife?


As I said before, one of my everyday must-do's is to stop by The Belmont Club. (Note to self, get blog-roll up.) When one meets such an intelligent neighbor, it is interesting to see what they have been reading. That is how I found The American Digest.

This was up yesterday.

Thursday, October 21, 2004


For dog and people-lovers everywhere, this is some real American Goodness! How about Max and Blaine, who have been riding motorcycles across America to raise money and awareness for service-dog organizations. "PAWS With A Cause" is a major recipient this year. Service dogs and other animal companions help visually and physically handicapped humans live more independant and mainstreamed lives. Not every dog is a good candidate, and it takes extensive time and training to develop the needed skills. Much of this work is done on a volunteer basis, but there are expenses in any endeavor. When more funds are made available, the more such animals can enter and change people's lives.

After touring the nation with their goggles on, Max and Blaine are in the home stretch. If you are in Austin, Texas, they will be coming to an event near you on Friday the 21st (hey, that is tomorrow!) These guys will be sure to win any costume contests for Halloween, when they will be in the Big Easy! Atlanta, they are coming to see you November 5th and 6th, and Tampa/Clearwater will be hosting the Doggie Duo on the 13th and 14th! After that, it will be homecoming in North Carolina, but they may be riding through your town on the way!

Check out their Hogs for Dogs website for more information, schedules, and great pics! Doggies in sidecars! - What a Country!


"Blah, blah, blah...worst economy...George's all his fault...blah,blah,'s so bad...bad,bad,,bad,bad economy...blah, blah,blah..."

Is anything JFK says true? His reality checking account was emptied out long ago, and his Frau's vast resources are no help. I have not been able to figure out what GWB had to do with the dot-com crash which took place before he took national office, or the company frauds which helped destroy the value of many portfolios. The foundations of the economy had been shifted so when 9-11 came to pass.

What do people want? More programs like FDR's "abc" work programs? We were nowhere near such a critical point of need in this past economic cycle, yet people are beginning to turn to the government to get them by in greater numbers than ever. What has happened to our nation that so many have lost that American "can-do" spirit and determination? Yes, there are some areas of this country which seem to suffer perpetually rising and falling unemployment as industries come and go. The ripple effect of the terrorist attacks on business and industry exaggerated these problems, but considering what our nation has been through economically in the past 5-6 years, (that is right, remember that the problems began before GWB took office) we are doing pretty darn good. The tax refunds went to many people, who spent their money as they saw fit. Low interest rates, while painful to those looking for interest-bearing investment, put many people to work in the housing and related industries. The dichotomy which will always, (to some greater or lesser extent) exist in this country is that while whole neighborhoods of $300,000 homes are going up in some places, other towns are dying and people are losing their jobs. No one wishes anyone to find themselves without work, but we are not in a Depression.

We are not a people beaten down by the hopelessness of 20% unemployment. The empty-eyed, hollow-cheeked faces of the forlorn do not exist as they did in those days. There are no Hoovervilles in our world, and no dust bowl blowing our hopes and dreams away. There are no souplines of able-bodied men on our city streets, and the homeless who gather under our bridges today are not the same men who rode the rails around America looking for a life anywhere they could find it. This is not to say that it is easy to be out of work today, or to know one's job may disappear, but there is no reason to despair that there is no end to the suffering unless the government intervenes!

We have proven to be resilient! Our nation suffered the largest attack on our land since the War of 1812, with far-reaching consequences we are yet discovering, but we are moving forward! Look at what recovery has been made in just a few years, there is no cause for hopelessness. We did not sink to anywhere near that point where we were all those decades ago. There are overcast microeconomies in a few parts of our great land, but the sun has broken through the clouds everywhere else, and is really starting to shine. (Varifrank has a few things to say about that here.)We do not need to revisit the big government and more taxation solutions of the Democratic party. There is nothing they can do for us that we can not do for ourselves.

President Bush has always offered a positive outlook, not as a Pollyanna, but as a no-nonsense man who believes that rolling up the sleeves and working together as a nation is the answer. All that his opponent has to offer is a funereal vision of a divided and conquered people, helpless and flailing around as they try not to drown in a pool of despair and hopelessness!

So you in the water, the frightened one that the tall kid keeps pointing to and telling everyone you are not going to make it, do you hear that voice calling to you? That is the adult watching over things. He is right next to you, and he is not going to let you drown. Listen to him. He knows you are scared, but he also knows that this pool is not that deep, and it is not over most people's heads. So, maybe you need swim lessons or even some water wings for a little while, but this is not the Titanic. You might be shivering, and the whole experience may have shaken you up quite a bit, but you are ok.You never should have listened to that kid who told you that it was so horribly cold and deep that you would never be able to swim by yourself, and who started yelling to everyone that you were drowning!

So, tell that other kid to go away. Tell him that you are not going to believe him when he says such awful things about your house, your neighbors , or even your pool. You tell him and his little sidekick with the pretty hair that you know who you can trust and believe...It is that guy over there- the one with the warm smile, the rolled-up sleeves and the cowboy hat.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Uh oh, here comes Mother!

After more than a month-and-a-half, I am finally back to posting. I have been around, just not "here". I will be here at "home" regularly now. Note immediately that I am dropping the third person thing, it was making the animals nervous.

What made me decide to move into the Blogosphere in the first place, was my increasing anger with what was going on with the elections. Well, "what was going on" has escalated into an all-out war between the Americans and the fascists, socialists and communists (otherwise known as the contemporary Democratic Party). They are no longer a "loyal opposition", but an enemy to the very essence of what has made America such a great country! The lies, manipulations, and outright violence and lawbreaking exhibited by these people have reached into the depths beyond hell. The blackened and rotted heart of Liberalism is beating strongly as some great evil thing is gathering strength.

Their morality is proven to be conditional and mutable. Their value system is identical to that of a spoiled child, never happy with his lot in life as long as he thinks someone else might have something better, and always demanding more and more. They are always whining that their mommy-state is not doing enough or giving them enough and it is not fair. Just look at the tantrums they fling in public places when they do not get their own way!

Well, folks, what are we going to do about this family problem of ours? There is no reason Missy and Junior should not be able to make it on their own, here in the land of bounteous opportunity, unless they are truly mentally deficient. The fact that these children exist in such high numbers is proof that we have things way too easy these days. These people's ancestors were not like that, because they never would have survived. The old western pioneer trails are haunted by the ghosts of the weak.

We are still a Nation of Pioneers! It is that desire to control our own lives combined with the spirit of adventure, which made this country and animates it yet. Any person can strike out on the path of his own choosing and make a success of himself. There are no guarantees anyone will reach the promised land, but there are infinite ways to get there! No one should be so afraid of shadows and imaginary foes! We have true enemies who are real enough and quite willing to kill all of us. Why can these children not see the difference?

To let the children run the household; those weak, simple-minded, selfish and not-fully-formed creatures who are so precious to us; is absolutely preposterous! They do not understand the Adult World. They imagine monsters under the bed and are completely unaware of the real monsters outside the door. They wail over the thought of little animals losing their homes, but do not fathom the fate of little boys and girls lying tangled in endless graves. When they do not get what they think they deserve, they blame their mean parents or accuse their brothers and sisters of misdeeds. They stamp their feet and they shake their fists, and they say the most horrible things about the rest of their family, who usually just stand there speechlessly and wondering what they did wrong, doubting the wisdom of their decisions...

..."Am I as bad a parent as they say? It must be true, because Junior says so. Missy says I did not give her enough of this or that, and we need to stop the neighbors from saying something because it makes her feel bad! Junior wants us to do everything like the so-and-so's on the other side of the world, because their mom gives them what they want!"

It is time to say "NO!!" to them! Scream at them -right there in front of everybody:

"No! No! No! You can not have things the way you want! You do not get everything you want! Nobody does! You have to work for it, and you have to work hard! I can not give it to you, nobody can! What I do have to give to you is more precious than gold - it is your birthright! Because you are my child, you can grow up to be whomever you want to be! I can not make you into somebody, you have to do it yourself. You can dream, and then you can find everything it takes to make the dream come true, right here in our house.

But, you have to grow up and take on some responsibility, sweetie. We will protect you from the monsters, and we will teach you how to handle the bullies, but we can not keep people from looking cross-eyed at you. And just like there is homework in school, grown-ups have homework too, all of their lives. When we do not do our homework, or we just do not follow the rules, we get in trouble. Some trouble is big, and some is little, but some of it never goes away. Just like when you fall when you are out riding your bike, Mom and Dad will not be there to pick you up.

Sometimes it seems like the neighbors have everything the way you want, and you wish you had different parents. But you do not understand how things work in that house. Those kids have to ask permission to do all kinds of things that you do not, and they do not even think of telling their parents what they think about how things are going. You have so much that they do not, but that is because they are not allowed to get it for themselves. They might get an allowance, but there is no chance to add to it by doing extra chores. In that big house on the other side of the world, they are not even allowed to have brothers or sisters!

So you can scream and cry, and embarrass us in front of the neighbors, and make everyone think you have the most horrible family in the world! Is that what you really think? - Because that is the way you act! Or, you can look around and see that the only people who are paying attention are the children from the other houses who are not really your friends but want you to share your nice stuff, anyway! So, what is it going to be?"

Well, folks...What is it going to be? More of the Left's tantrums are to come, especially in the next few weeks. They hate our country and want it to be something other than the America the Founding Fathers imagined. They do not actually understand their family history, or maybe they are simply horrid brats who do not care because they know they "must be" smarter and wiser than anyone who came before them.

I say, it is time for a public spanking! Spank them at the polls in these elections. It is time for the adults to pay attention and take charge of the situation. Do not let the spoiled children who are liberal America destroy our way of life. America is not a problem to be fixed, it has always been an answer to those who call out for freedom! If the Democrats win this election, what the terrorists do not finish, liberal policies will. Vote as if your life depended on it, because it does.

One more thing...If they want to run away, I think we should let them. Maybe they would be happier living with the so-an-so's.