Thursday, September 02, 2004


President George W. Bush did a great job tonight with his acceptance speech. It was not a State of the Union, as some had imagined it would be. It outlined his plans for carrying the nation into the unpredictable future of "the Liberty Century". He grew more comfortable as the speech progressed, and Mother cannot help but think that so much of this was truly from the heart. His delivery tonight reminded her of his speech shortly after the Terror Attacks , when he promised to protect the Nation. He repeated that promise tonight. We know he will.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


In his direct Keynote Speech at the Republican Convention, Senator Zell Miller(D-Georgia) put aside party politics to do what he thinks is right for his Family and his Country. As one of the Democratic Party faithful, he had stood upon that same stage 12 years ago, extolling the virtues of another fellow Governor running for the highest office in the land. Some of the first words he spoke this evening were of the grandchildren born into his family since then; a new generation. The elder statesman and former Governor of Georgia laid it out for all to see: our Nation's safety and future- that of our children and his grandchildren, are at stake. He had the courage of his convictions to point out that the Party he has devoted his life to has put its own partisan interests ahead of the nation's. Senator Miller surely approached this evening with a heavy heart. His righteous idignation was poured out upon the Democratic party which has seemed to have forgotten the legacies of FDR and Truman, whose resolve to face and defeat our enemies, was recalled . He did not faulter as he recounted the Nation's victories against Communism and other tyrannies, and he railed against those who label the armies of the United States as "occupiers" rather than the "liberators" they have always been. The former Marine sternly reminded that it is the soldier, not the journalist who has given us freedom of the press; the soldier, rather than the poet, who has given us free speech; and the soldier, not the agitator, who has given us the freedom to protest... "And it is the soldier who salutes the flag, serves beneath the flag, whose coffin is draped by the flag, who gives the protestor the freedom to abuse and burn that flag!..........No one should dare even think about being the Commander in Chief of this country if he doesn't believe with all of his heart that our Soldiers are liberators abroad and defenders of freedom at home!" Zel Miller has an optomistic belief in the promise of America, to its citizens and to the rest of the world. He was called out of his retirement as a private citizen by the then-Governor of Georgia, to finish out the term of Senator Paul Coverdell, who had died in office. Miller won election to that same office months later, voted in by a constituency which knew him well from his days as Governor. He has always been a big supporter of the military and education has been a lifelong priority to this teacher who was the son of a teacher. Having grown up in the tip of Appalachia, to a strong southern woman who was widowed when her baby son was just 17 days old, he developed a strength of character as solid as the mountains he took his first steps in. He must have been a perfect fit for the U.S. Marine Corps, which lives by honor, loyalty and self-reliance. Those who question his sense of loyalty to his party must realize that it is that very honor which causes him to make this call. He refuses to sacrifice the future of his family and country for power. At least since joining the Senate, he has been increasingly irritated by the partisanship which has kept Washington in gridlock. So much time has been wasted, some of it invaluable in the War on Terror. He issued more than a few statements and remarks on the issue of gridlock and partisanship. He could have rested on his laurels. Instead, he penned his dissatisfaction with the Democratic party in his recent book, "A National Party No More, Confessions of a Conservative Democrat". He could have hidden behind his book, but boldly chose to step back onto the stage at Madison Square Garden. "...This election will forever change the course of history, not just any history, but our famlies' history....In this hour of danger, our President has had the courage to stand up, and this Democrat will stand up with him..." When the histories of these days are written, Zell Miller should be recalled as a Public Servant who brought the greatest honor to his name when he placed his love for his family and duty to his nation above all else. Cynics will point out that, at the "end" of his career, he has "nothing to lose", but his words will forever reverberate throughout his legacy.