Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Voting Rights

Today is the anniversary of the Women's Right to Vote (19th Ammendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified August 18, 1920) So ladies, if you really care about your family's safety and economic security, do the right thing- VOTE REPUBLICAN

Mother Says You Have to Read This

Go to the Belmont Club and read "World War IV", and the previous post, "The Last Taboo". This is required reading!

Christmas in Cambodia

John Kerry has added what is sure to become another classic on his list of great big whopping lies- the story of his Cambodian Christmas Cruise. Of course, Mother knows that little children do not really mean to lie, because they are truly not capable of separating truth from reality. Little Johnny is beginning to worry her, though, because he should have passed that stage by now...maybe he needs to see a specialist.

Where's Sandy?



American Mother thinks you should read the speeches and articles of Carly Fiorina, Hewlett-Packard Chairman and CEO. She is charismatic and has vision ! Just look at these titles:

  • "Inventing Possibilities for Change"
  • "Embracing True Reality"
  • "Capability, Character and Collaboration"
  • "Dare to Dream"
  • "From Creation to Consumption, the Future for Digital Revolutionaries"

Please Be Patient

American Mother wishes to thank those who have dropped by and welcomed her into the neighborhood! There's nothing like the Welcome Wagon! As in any move, some things get lost in the shuffle, and Mother seems to have lost the ability to make her posts look right when they come out. She is digging through the boxes , looking for the answer. Please be patient and do not give up on her. Just remember, when she was a girl, there were no such things as computers and people were quite happy with their cave paintings!

Hurricane Warnings and the War on Terror

Hurricane Charley
Just a few days ago, a most beautiful part of the state of Florida was ravaged by a horrible storm which exacted a tragic toll. Within distant memory is a time when no warning would have been available, and many more lives would have been lost. The hurricane, which had been given the happy-sounding name of "Charley", was watched, measured, considered and plotted with an eye toward planning how to best protect people whenever and wherever it made landfall. So many variables go into any weather forecast, and hurricanes are no exception. Hurricane Charley had quickly grown into a killer storm as it neared the coast. Just a few days before, an earlier hurricane named "Bonnie" had thankfully not made the impact which had been feared. Actually, Bonnie had ended up serving a very important purpose. Plans and systems put into place in anticipation of Bonnie, shortened the reaction times in response to Charley. The War on Terror
Considering the above, it seems there might be similarities between some of the execution of the War on Terror and storm prediction and response models ...
  • --there is something on the radar which bears watching --there is no way to know for sure what it will be --there is no way to know for sure where it will be --there is no way to be sure when it will be --the relative level of danger is indicated --being prepared may help lessen the loss of life and property --changing conditions will effect the final outcome --new knowledge and technologies have improved forecasting --forecasting is not an exact science
  • Never Know When
Weather models are created with the knowledge of behavior and an amalgam of atmospheric conditions, often with much disagreement and uncertainty over the forecasted outcomes. Even though conditions may indicate excellent development potential, storms are not certain to occur. Probabilities are forecasted. Homeland Security uses behavioral models and information from many sources. Certain situations and circumstances may indicate the likelihood of a terror incident, but do not prescribe one. Probabilities are forecasted. As seen with hurricane Bonnie, the outcome may be far less serious than expected. Coastal dwellers have plenty of stories about the storm that missed them. Such may be the fate of the thwarted terror plot.

An Earlier Storm

Hurricanes are nothing new to Florida, and many warnings are scoffed at by those who do not wish to be inconvenienced by a relatively small and weak storm. The storm which startled people out of complacency was Hurricane Andrew, a giant Category 5 storm which slammed into and nearly flattened the Dade County-Miami area of Florida, in August of 1992. With a death toll of 60 (there was a later landfall in Louisiana) and its record $30 billion price tag, Andrew was one for the lesson books. In the aftermath, FEMA was reorganized , and Florida's patchwork of housing codes were aligned and improved. After many smaller bombings of American interests, the September 11 attack finally woke America up to the need to make certain realignments.

Controlling Terror

Mankind has yet to be able to control the weather. People can to some extent, however, control the actions of other people. That is where the terror model diverges from the weather model. When the watches and warnings of the weather services are heeded, people may be able to get out of the way of the storm, but whatever is left behind will bear the brunt. When the watches and the warnings of Homeland Security are heeded, it is entirely possible that a particular storm may be stopped in its tracks.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Of September 11

September 11, 2001
American Mother remembers New York City before the Twin Towers were there - and now it is as if they had never graced the skyline. That seems to be what so many choose to believe, in some Orwellian reality they have constructed for themselves. Down the Memory Hole goes 9 -11, for there are less important yet pressing matters at hand. No doubt, Mother has nothing new to say on the subject, but it must not disappear. Like a recalcitrant child, some refuse to concede the awful truth about that day: that everything changed. Under the wreckage lay, not just flesh and pieces of buildings and airplanes, but certainty.
Why Did It Happen? Some have claimed that America's selfish and childish ignorance of the horrible conditions of the real world facilitated the attacks. In that form of World "Class Warfare"; being bright and happy while living busy lives amongst shiny pretty things, somehow made Americans less deserving of the relative comfort they lived in. The scimitar which was thrust into the gut and twisted around seemed to have been an approved prescription for the ailment of ugly America. Too bad for them, it missed her heart. She groped about , in shock, for outstretched hands with which to pull herself up. Bloodied, but with purpose, she faced her attacker and struck .
America Offers Hope When the U.S. held back from the absolute destruction of Afghanistan, it once more demonstrated to the world; that the most precious commodity of America is the belief in the innate dignity of man, which is bestowed by the Creator and not a government or law. America's might and shining riches spring from that belief. America does not lust after the blood of others, but has and will visit measured death and destruction upon her relentless enemies. When the sword is pulled back from the quivering throat, and the living tend to the dead and dying, man steps back from the precipice to Hope's waiting arms. America has always offered Hope to the enemy who will drop his sword.
Devils and Dowagers When she turned to face the others who were most definitely waiting in the shadows readying their weapons, some of America's old friends slipped away. With much to lose in their deals with devils, they took their leave to plot their own attacks on her honor, where the bruises and cuts would not show. They think her too brash and nouveau, tacky and vain. She had even saved the crumbling dowager of Gaul from the Prussian plagues, but the decrepit old cow has yet to acknowledge any gratitude. America is the pert young thing kept under the watchful eye of fleshy matrons with lifestyles to protect. The Vultures
Even harridans are attractive to someone, and they have plenty of courtiers. Like vultures, the appeasers circle over America's attempts at self defense, marking the thing they think should be dead. They dive in to pluck and tear at the edges, hoping to deliver choice morsels to please the harpies and hatchlings. Do they not see the creature skulking in the shadows, waiting for the weaknesses to be exposed, so it may pounce for its own reward? So it was and has been in the battle for the safety of America, and most recently, for the soul of Iraq.
Shieldmaiden of the World America's newest enemies are tenacious and unrelenting. They lust for power over the world and offer no hope, but glory through death and destruction. They are out for the blood of the innocents. America is their nemesis because she beguiles the people of the world with her charms, yet will fight like the tiger with great resolve and muscles of steel. They know she is the shieldmaiden of the world.
Beware the Trojan Horse
September 11, 2001 was the bellwether event of the 21st Century. The unimaginable happened before stunned and disbelieving eyes. The loss
of life was staggering. The blind and screaming hatred was inconceivable. American life is irrevocably changed. American lives are under constant threat. Awareness of the dangers at hand is not fright. It is not paranoid to be careful, but it is foolish to be reckless with one's safety. To stand up to an enemy is not to be bloodthirsty. To take the battle to the enemy is to keep it from one's own streets. The threats of our enemies are not hollow, but are flung at us in full rage and anger. The hatred still exists, but resolve will help keep the danger at bay. Americans must be careful not to let the appeasers bring the Trojan Horse of peace and understanding onto our shores. Even the children were slaughtered when the Horse disgorged its riders.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Help for Charley's Victims

American Mother's prayers go out to the victims of Hurricane Charley, especially to those who lost loved ones.

At Volunteer Florida, you will find a list of groups, ranging from the Red Cross and Humane Society to the various religious charities, to which you can direct your Hurricane Charley relief donations.
Volunteer Florida is a state lead agency which serves as a clearinghouse for organizations which dispense comfort and aid. This is in cooperation with the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD), the Florida Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (FLVOAD) and Florida Interfaith Networking in Disaster (FIND).

What a Terrific Neighborhood!

As American Mother takes a break from all of these boxes, she has started to think about this fine neighborhood in the Blogosphere. It is fortunate when one finds a good neighborhood to settle into. Frankly, she stumbled into it rather by happy accident! One day, as she was cruising around, she saw a Nice Doggie and stopped to take a look at it. Well! That Doggie turned out to be a Rottweiler, and it was absolutely foaming at the mouth! (consider yourself forewarned!) But, Mother just loves animals, and thought that it was really kind of cute. It was barking at all kinds of bad things and ugly creatures scurrying around, but it was obviously very loyal. What a good Doggie! Mother started to visit that Doggie every day, and noticed that quite a few other people stopped by to pat it on the head. The wonderful thing was that, even though they were strangers, many of these people would invite others into their homes for a chat! Being an outgoing sort, Mother has been visiting these other places. Sometimes she would just stand there, listening, and other times she would just jump right in! Something else she noticed is that almost everyone in this part of the blogosphere seems to be well-armed. American Mother has never felt so safe! American Mother absolutely has a soft spot for our boys and girls in Military uniform. She just can not go a day without reading the Gazette, visiting the Belmont Club, or hearing from the Sergeant and the Paratrooper. Her new Physician is a nice young Marine. There are Boots on the Ground, Combat Arms and a Citizen called Smash. This neighborhood even reaches to Afghanistan and Iraq! One amusing young man in this neighborhood seems to have a desire to Blow Up the Moon, (and has a strange monkey fixation) while another wishes to take the Highest Office in the Land! There is a wonderful Martini Lounge, where one can always find a good conversation, and a certain Professor shares his wit and observations . Mother even ran across a nice man who is happy to share his own opinions, but seems to feel himself in the Minority. Another Gentleman down the block is quite appreciated for his insightful discussions, as is his clever Wife. Someone else's Mama had settled in a bit ago, and is quite wonderful, (as mammas tend to be!) There are so many other neighbors, but those are the people and places which cinched the deal for Mother, and made her decide to move in here as well. She will put their addresses up in her address book later when she has a little more time.

American Mother Is Moving In

Good Morning! American Mother is here, and welcomes you to stop by when you need to be comforted and nourished with American goodness! Of course Mother thinks she knows what is best! She is supposed to prepare you for life and be your touchstone. Whether you need to weather the storms or just have a good talk about things, she will be here. American Mother loves her family very deeply. She knows that America is the cradle of modern civilization, built by pioneers escaping old tyrannies and seeking to establish a world where one's station in life would not be bound by circumstance of birth. Like any family, we have had our good times and our bad, but we try to work things out in the end.
American Mother is not "wrapping herself in the flag" in a sudden spasm of patriotism. In her life, after God and Family, comes Nation. That has always been the case, not just in the past few years. Her ancestors fought for American Independence, a fact from which first bounded her deep and abiding loyalty for her country and unbridled appreciation for its Military. She is acutely aware of what America has meant to the rest of the world, what America has done for humanity, and the promise America holds for those who believe in infinite human potential. Mother has lived in or visited most regions of this great nation. She has known immigrants who have come to America from every Continent, some through great perils; all of whom were drawn by our shining beacon of hope, freedom and prosperity. That is how American Mother sees the United States: as a steady, shining light in a world which can be so tumultuous and darkened by storms of hatred. There are other lights, but they dim in comparison. Some are comforted by our strong beam, knowing we are on sturdy rock, but others are angered because the light shines on their dark deeds. Those who hate us do not understand us. There are many beautiful, and even ancient places in the world, populated by our fellow man - but there is no equal to the beauty of American liberty and justice.
Throughout the world, we all need and often want the same things; but it is human nature that our cultures, religions, philosophies, moralities, political beliefs and personal histories separate us and sometimes pit us against each other. While our brew of humanity is made rich by those differences, some batches curdle . In the United States, our Constitution is the recipe book we refer to when stirring our melting pot. Mother has great confidence in the Provident wisdom of the Founding Fathers and does not think it wise to tamper much with the original recipes. Our kitchens may have changed, but our main ingredients have remained the same.
American Mother hopes to teach. There is so much to learn about our family history, as well as that of the rest of the world. One should also have a basic understanding of economics, philosophy , religion and many other issues. Mother is not an expert, but she knows where to find the information, and will be more than happy to point her children in that direction.
American Mother hopes to inspire others to think deeply about the meaning and value of American life. Mother believes morality is a not a spiderweb in which one is trapped, but a foundation and framework upon which a life can be built. Obviously, all of humanity does not share the same religion, philosophy or morality; a situation which is often the source of great strife. While many chafe at the tie between the three, the relationship is there. Religious and philosophical beliefs can not be legislated, as one's deepest thoughts and feelings can not be controlled by another. It is entirely possible that people of different beliefs can arrive at the same moral conclusions. Philosophy itself can become like a religion if its tenets are strongly held. Our Constitution prevents our becoming a Theocracy. What we do need to recognize is that no one truly believes in nothing. One of the biggest questions facing the nation is what philosophy to utilize as we set our law.
American Mother just "moved in" today, and the rest of her things will be arriving shortly. She absolutely loves this neighborhood of ideas! Like her country, it is a diverse place, peopled by those of all different characteristics and viewpoints. She finds this to be such an exciting place to be, and looks forward to showing visitors around. She will enjoy receiving company in the parlor, but Mother prefers not to have to edit out "bad language" out of respect for certain associates. Mother relishes both simple and hearty discussions, but does not suffer fools. Trash will be swept off the porch before it even gets into the house. Recycling will be put out at the curb.
American Mother is not some naive young thing, and while she asks for some decorum in her own salon, she does know where to go to spice things up a bit. There are places Mother likes to visit that she is likely to recommend to her own visitors, but not without the caveat that they may be much more "lively" neighborhoods! Naturally, Mother does not always agree with what is said, or how it is said; but she generally learns much, has a good time and believes others would too. Mother does believe that a well-rounded education is important, and may even (with gritted teeth) send one to a place absolutely foreign to her own beliefs just to prove a point. She really hates the idea of having to do that. Just know, that when you leave Mother's, you might be going to quite a different world.
You may not even be an American Child, but American Mother is there for everyone. Mother does not claim to be perfect or know all the answers. Of course, like all good mothers, she does what she thinks is best for her children. You might get mad at her, or even think she is a fool. She may never be able to understand why you are the way you are, but she will lovingly try. She knows you will think, say and do what you want to ; but can only do what she can before sending you out into the world!